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From Onyima Victor
Tuesday 1st of June,2011

Dear friend,

Let's face the truth:
In today's world, we all need to be computer literate and we all need to have laptops. I am writing this letter using a HP Laptop that I bought for N150,000 but the truth of the matter is that, how many people can buy a laptop for that price?

New laptops are between the range of N75,000 - N200,000.

Now, if you are a worker who earns N10,000 monthly and you decide to save N2000
per month from your paycheck for a new laptop, it is going to take you more that two years to get to your target.

Even fairly used computers sold at Computer Village Ikeja at being sold for nothing less than N55,000.

You need a laptop if you are:

* A student
* Civil servant
* Business person
* etc

And I have good news for you because you can now get a laptop for as low as N6000.

Discover in a Speed of Light; a top guided secret the BIG Merchants wishes you never find. They have kept this top secret to themselves for so long but I had an opportunity to break into their little party, capture and ran away with the code.
And guess what? I am ready to reveal this secret to as many Nigerians that are willing to get it - rich or poor. To achieve my objective I have package this top secret in an e-book I called "CHEAP LAPTOP GUIDE". All you need to do is to place an order for your copy right away before the offer expires. Listen, with what am about to reveal to you, you are bound to make MEGA cash buying and selling Laptop Computers this 2010.


Thanks for asking.
A computer engineer friend of mine (Paul) is a top Ikeja boy and that is what he sells.
But now he is one of my best friends.

Do You Know Why?

This is because he has revealed to us, heavily guarded secrets on how to get cheap laptops, which they have been using to make huge profits for themselves.
But since we are Nice Guys, we have decided to reveal it to a few before he finds out about it.

Check Out Paul Posing With The Laptop He Bought for N8000 at The Right Hand Side Of Your Screen.....{ The Receipt Of The Laptop Can Also Be Seen Clearly As Evidence}

About The Laptops:

Before I answer that, let me tell you that getting these laptops have nothing to do with referral,This is not MLM,No Marketing,No Hidden Consultation Fees or anything like that.

And another thing is that these laptops range from as low as N5,000 - N25,000 and they are not brand new. They are fairly used.

For instance,

Pentium 2 - N3,000 - N5,000

Pentium 3 - N6000 - N13,000

Pentium 4- N13,000 - N20,000


Ok, listen to what some of my Clients are saying:

My brother, the system arrived yesterday night and I am very grateful for your effort. thank you.
Pascal Ogbeyeshiku,
Warri, Delta State.

Good day Peter, I appreciate you for helping me to get my own (Brand New) Laptop for #15000.
Samson Archibong
Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Sir, I want to thank you and appreciate your contribution for ending unemployment and poverty through your approach in dishing out this great information. I lack the right words to describe how joyful I am because of this and how could it have been without your manual? may God reward and bless you that your name will be called blessed...Adewale Oladosun.Ibadan, Nigeria

Hope those are fellow Nigerians like you?Stop the doubt and fear and act now; order for my CHEAPLAPTOP GUIDE today and get my bonus of how to buy a Laptop for N6,000 here in NIGERIA. The information is real and genuine.

Introducing---- " THE CHEAP LAPTOP GUIDE "

In this mind blowing report, you will discover:

* Where to get Laptops for N5,000 or less and sell it for N30,000 or more and Make up to N300,000 Monthly doing It (Guaranteed)

* Where to buy a Pentium M Laptops for as low as N25,000 without referring a single soul.

* How to make over N200, 000 monthly in teaching other people this simple secret.

* Contacts and phone numbers of BIG importers of Laptop Computer here in Nigeria - this is an open door for you to join the BIG leagues.

* 4 reasons why you must start buying laptops from importers today.

* Websites where you can get cheap laptops straight from USA for as low as $70.

* How to get your own Credit Card for importation purpose (incase you want to do such).

* And So much More

NOTE: This is not a joke, this is for real. The N6,000 Laptop is right here in Nigeria.

Even if you are in Sokoto, Abuja, Oshogbo, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Owerri, Benin, Warri, Aba, Calabar, Uyo, Yenagoa,Ibadan etc. You can get your own without stress. The procedure is dead simple!This is not MLM or a referral program. Just walk to the contact we will give to you and pay for the Laptop. You can make payment to their account and they will send it to you anywhere in NIGERIA.

How much will this my special report - cheap laptop guide cost?

Tell me, how much do you think I should sell this Guide to you? maybe N15,000 or N10,000? come to think of it; an HP Laptop that would have cost you N70,000 before now can be gotten by you for just N25,000 with this my Cheap Laptop Guide. And there is even a bonus I will give to the first 10 people - its how to buy a brand new Laptop even if all you have in your pocket for the now is only N7,500.

Ok, I am leaving the price at N1,000 for this week only. Hope that is fair enough? or what do you think? now let me show you some of the goodies you will find in this report. Just read down to find out.

1. Where to get a Laptop Computer with only N7,500 in your pocket. This is new and very hot. I will not bother to explain it here because I am giving it as an additional bonus at no extra cost to you. Just make payment for my Cheap Laptop Guide and you will become qualify for all of this bonuses.

2. Laptop Repair Guide: My complete Guide that shows a step by step pictorial way of repairing Laptops.
In this Easy Repair Guide I will unveil to you how easy it is to be a professional Laptop engineer.
I will show you how to Dis-assemble and re-assemble a Laptop, how to get a bad Laptop working again, repair/trouble shooting techniques etc.With my Pictorial Guide, Laptop repair can be dead easy! All of this i will give to you for Free if you pay for my CHEAP LAPTOP GUIDE

But in order to sweeten this deal for you,i am throwing in the following HOT bonuses for the first 20 people who get this information:

* How To Make Money Betting On Football Matches by Akin Alabi

* How To Watch Free Satellite TV On Your Laptop/Phone/Tv.

* How I Made Over Nine Million Naira In 2008 Selling Information Products Right Here In Nigeria And How You Too Can! By Akin Alabi

* MAKE $3,000 MONTHLY: I will show you my newly discovered secret that can make you nothing less than $3,000 monthly just by watching video on YouTube. Yes, its as easy as it sounds. make up to $3,000 monthly without protocol. I promise to show you for FREE if you place your order today.

* Brand New 120GB Laptop for N15,000 only: The news is everywhere and i know that you must have heard of this; an NGO called Big Plus is currently giving out laptops to Nigerians - this laptops are brand new and superb. It has webcam, DVD WR, Wireles LAN, 1 GB RAM, and many other great features that time and space will not permit me to mention here.
Some marketers are presently selling this info for N3,500 but i will give to you as a special bonus (FREE), dont pay me for this. Plus i will give you the resale right to this e-book. If you sell it for a tiny N5,000 each, only 50 buyer will mean = N100,000 in your pocket without struggle.

NOTE: These bonuses are limited; i have the right to pull them out of this offer anytime i wish. i can only guarantee your getting this bonuses if you respond as early as you are reading this, YES, I MEAN IT. Delay can be dangerous. Hurry before I change my mind.
Hold on for a moment, i still have one more surprise for you:

* MAKE COOL $$$$$$ from Face Book: i will give you a report that makes you loads of dollars monthly without capital. YES, WITHOUT CAPITAL make $$$$$$$ from been a member of face book - free. I will give you this manuals for FREE only if you act early enough.


I hate to beat round the bush in order to sweet talk you. Those are for time wasters.
To get yours now, you are to pay only N5,000. This information and its bonuses you would not .... I mean .... NEVER get anywhere this cheap.

Your One Time Investment...N5,000
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And even though we are offering such a low price, we still want you to be absolutely 100% certain that it will really work for you.

That's why we are giving you our cast iron 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

How To Order For The Laptop Report:

To order, Pay N5,000 into the bank account below:

Bank - U.B.A  

Account Name - ONYIMA VICTOR

Account Number -2019813408

NOTE - After payment, send your email address, teller number and name to wealthbooster1 @ yahoo.com or Call 08099702026/08054936500 to notify us of your payment.

You will get your package Immediately Upon A Clear Confirmation Of Your Payment In Less Than 24Hrs. Be Aware That Failure To Give Clear Information Of Your Payment Might Cause Unusual Delay Of Your Package.

Get ready to get your own Laptop...for pennies.


So Your Decision Really Counts...

Here is my 30 Days, No Risk, Guilty Free 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you found out within 3 days of purchase your laptop is not sent to you, then feel free to ask for a full refund of your money and I will refund everything back to you and you can even keep the  Cheap Laptop Guide report ... plus all of the incredible bonuses.
I really mean that.

We have choose to make this offer very cheap for you, to give you every reason to get your laptop immediately, maybe you have spent a whole lot trying to purchase yours ...

We don't need your money. All we want from you is to show a token of appreciation.

But Be Warned....

You will not get this offer after Friday because this offer would have been removed by then and I can assure you that there is no place online where you can get this kind of powerful offer.

Drop whatever you are doing right now and take advantage of this right away before this opportunity disappears.

Order For Your Copy of this secret report right away.

We wish you success!


(C)2011 By:Onyima Victor

PS - By the time you lay your hands on this secret, you can go ahead to buy 2 laptops for as low as N14,000 and even resell the two for N80,000. You might not believe it until you get the report and check it out.